Nixon Regulus Stainless Steel Gold Watch - A1268 502-00

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Regulus Stainless Steel Watch

All Gold 

Street. Tough.. An all-metal version of our go-anywhere Regulus, the Regulus SS adds a streetwear streak to the burly, utilitarian design. Featuring a multitude of mission-ready features like a shock-proof brain, dual countdown timers, and stealth mode, the Regulus SS proves that alloy is your ally.


Product Features;

DesignSpec-ops gear, luxury off-road SUVs, and briefcases that handcuff to your wrist inspire the raw, rugged, and refined qualities of the Regulus SS.

DurabilityMade to withstand any terrain or conditions with shock-absorbent materials, a 5-year battery, and a 100m water-resistant case and pushers so it can take a plunge.

Special Feature; Features dual chronograph timers, three independent alarms, adjustable LED brightness for light-sensitive situations, and a silent mode that keeps you stealthy.

Movement; Custom digital LCD module encased in a protective PU jacket and Poron foam padding.

Water Rating; 100 Meter / 10 ATM


5 years Warranty